Manufacturing News 31/05/2024, 10:28

VNG becomes Cloud Partner with Nvidia

On May 15, Nikkei Asia reported that Vietnam's tech unicorn VNG has become a cloud partner of Nvidia, the world's leading chip maker. This move strengthened the connection between the American chip manufacturer and Asia just a few months after Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang visited the region.

VNG becomes Cloud Partner with Nvidia

According to Nikkei Asia, becoming a cloud partner means VNG will have priority access to Nvidia's chips and use software architecture and technology compatible with Nvidia. This can be a potential advantage for VNG as they seek to attract customers.

VNG stated that the company has equipped a data center in Thailand with 1,000 Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs), providing artificial intelligence and other software services to customers using Nvidia products.

Not only VNG, but Nvidia is also collaborating with one of Vietnam's largest IT companies - FPT - on a $200 million AI factory. Nvidia is expected to continue expanding its business in Vietnam amid the growing focus on the semiconductor industry.

CafeF / Translator: Hoàng Giang

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