Manufacturing News 06/03/2024, 04:26

Dong Nai attracted nearly 500 million USD in investment for industrial parks within two months

In the first 2 months of 2024, Dong Nai attracted 12 new projects with a total investment of nearly 36 million USD.

Dong Nai attracted nearly 500 million USD in investment for industrial parks within two months

According to information from the Management Board of Industrial Parks of Dong Nai province, the total investment capital that industrial parks in Dong Nai have attracted in the first two months of 2024 is nearly 500 million USD, with 439 million USD from foreign investment (FDI) and over 1.9 trillion VND from domestic investment.

In which, there are quality and notable projects such as the project of TD Hitech Evergy Vietnam (Taiwan) Factory in Nhon Trach Textile and Garment Industrial Park, with an investment of 5.8 million USD, specializing in manufacturing, assembling, processing lithium batteries and lithium battery modules, producing electric bicycle chargers.

Factory project of Chenguang Electrical Appliances Vietnam (Singapore) Co., Ltd. in Bau Xeo Industrial Park, with an investment of 5 million USD, specializing in the production of metal parts for the production of civil appliances; and the production and assembly of electronic component products.

Logisvalley HCMC project (Korea) in An Phuoc Industrial Park, has increased investment capital by 8 million USD, increased the total investment capital to over 36.4 million USD, operating in the field of real estate business (warehouse rental), cargo storage service with a scale of 10 million tons of goods per year.

Regarding the target of 2024, the Management Board of Dong Nai Industrial Parks set a target, attracting investment capital in industrial parks to reach about 700 million USD and 2,000 billion VND, of which new investment is 300 million USD of foreign direct investment and 1,500 billion VND in domestic investment.


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