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STT GDC and VNG cooperate to invest in building and operating data centers in Vietnam

NDO - ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) and VNG Corporation (VNG) have just announced cooperation on building and operating data center projects according to international standards in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. STT GDC is recognized as one of the world's fastest data center service providers today.

STT GDC and VNG cooperate to invest in building and operating data centers in Vietnam

This cooperation includes the continuation of the operation of STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center (formerly VNG Data Center, located in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone) and the establishment of a new data center called STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 2, also located in Tan Thuan Industrial Park and 1.5km from the first facility. Data Center No. 2 is expected to go into operation in the first half of 2026.

Headquartered in Singapore, STT GDC currently provides global colocation services through a network of more than 95 data centers, spanning 20 markets around the worldCooperation between STT GDC and VNG is expected to actively support the digital transformation process in Vietnam, through the establishment and development of new data centers meeting international standards.

STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 achieved an Uptime Tier III certificate in infrastructure, providing a total electricity capacity of up to 9.6MW. In addition, this facility also achieved a series of certifications according to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and PCI-DSS standards, thereby meeting global standards to serve the specific needs of international banks and financial institutions, Internet conversion stations, domestic and international network service providers, content distribution network providers, cloud server providers, and other businesses.

Positioned as the first center in Ho Chi Minh City capable of connecting with various network and telecommunications service providers (Carrier-neutral connectivity hub2), STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 allows customers to access the cloud services of reputable units in the market, local leased lines as well as providing disaster recovery workspace. Customers of the Center can establish a direct connection to the products and services of VNG Games and VNG Cloud.

STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 2 will offer a development potential of up to 60 MW of IT load capacity. It will be connected to the first data center via diverse and ample network infrastructure, facilitating ease of connectivity and expansion. It will have access to nearby substations, critical telecommunications networks, transportation links, logistics, business and industry hubs, as well as other provinces via the HCMC Outer Zone Expressway.


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