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VinFast Auto announces partnership agreement with Bosch

On May 15, 2024, Vietnam-based automotive company - VinFast Auto - announced a partnership agreement with Bosch, a leading global automotive technology and services provider. According to the agreement, VinFast vehicle owners can use Bosch's network of 700,000 charging stations across 30 European countries.

VinFast Auto announces partnership agreement with Bosch

This partnership allows VinFast customers to easily locate, reserve, charge, and pay via the VinFast app on mobile devices or directly through the vehicle's integrated entertainment system. VinFast customers can also monitor charging progress, check charging data, and even manage charging costs.

Bosch will continuously innovate its electric vehicle charging technology, thus providing VinFast customers in Europe with access to the latest advancements as soon as they are available. VinFast customers will also have access to comprehensive customer service from both VinFast and Bosch for support with electric vehicle charging.

Over the past two years, Bosch has collaborated with VinFast to develop charging services for VinFast customers in North America. This new strategic agreement will provide VinFast customers with a seamless experience in locating charging stations during their travels in Europe.

Ms. Lê Thị Thu Trang, CEO of VinFast Europe, stated, "Our partnership with Bosch ensures that VinFast customers can utilize a stable charging network across Europe, promoting the transition to electric vehicles. We always prioritize customer needs and strive to provide maximum convenience and comfort for VinFast electric vehicle users."

Mr. Martin Knoss, Vice President of Bosch ASEAN, commented, "Most electric vehicle users rely on public charging infrastructure. Recognizing this need, Bosch has continuously expanded its charging network, increasing the number of charging ports sixfold since 2020. We anticipate having 850,000 charging ports by the end of 2024 in Europe. This agreement allows us to serve VinFast customers in Europe, as well as support VinFast in its global market expansion."

In addition to key markets like the USA, Canada, and Europe, VinFast is actively expanding into Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

CafeF / Translator: Hoàng Giang

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