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World's leading golf club manufacturer ensures quality control with Mitutoyo equipment

Fusheng Precision, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality titanium and stainless steel golf clubs, currently accounting for over 50% of global golf club production, has selected Vietnam as an important manufacturing base in its value chain. Vision International, a Vietnamese subsidiary of Fusheng Precision, has exported various golf club products to European countries, South Korea, and Japan, etc.

World's leading golf club manufacturer ensures quality control with Mitutoyo equipment

*This interview is part of the special article "Measurement and Inspection Industry (Part 3)" in the June issue of EMIDAS Magazine. Please click here to read the full article.

The company has created regular employment for more than 5,000 local workers, contributing significantly to the economic and social development of Binh Duong Province.

The company's factories follow the strict quality requirements of its many international customers, from production and assembly to painting, surface treatment, and product finishing. Products are thoroughly inspected for appearance and function (tensile strength, rust prevention, etc.) to ensure that they always provide the best user experience in a variety of environments, including harsh weather conditions. This quality control is thoroughly implemented by a quality control system built on the standards of the International Golf Association, as well as the latest high-precision measuring instruments provided by well-known brands such as Mitutoyo, DMO, and Keyence.

Currently, Vision International is using 12 FORMTRACER machines of Mitutoyo to perform the quality inspection of the grooves that are machined into the club heads.. This is because these grooves must meet the standards of size, depth and distance according to the standards set by the International Golf Association. Mitutoyo's equipment is of good quality and durability, with industry-leading accuracy. In addition, after-sales service and warranty and repair are also very reliable. Vision International has been a partner of Mitutoyo for many years. When there is any problem with the measuring equipment, Mitutoyo is always happy to supports. If that problem cannot be solved by remote support, then Mitutoyo's technical team will quickly arrive at the scene to directly handle it.

Mitutoyo's FORMTRACER currently being used by Vision International

As the market fluctuates due to the pandemic and economic recession, consumers tend to tighten their spending on "luxury" products and services, but the company still sees positive highlights. In other words, golf is no longer just for a few high-income earners, but for everyone, so the opportunities for Vision International and Fusheng Precision's development are still high. Mr. Nguyen Dai Duong, head of the inspection and measurement department, said, "When the general situation is positive again, we we will invest in more new equipment, especially a new generation of measuring machines with automatic measuring capabilities."

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