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Powder Coating Technology (Part 2)

Powder coating has been known since the 1950s and has made great progress. In recent years, powder coating technology has developed in many manufacturing fields in Vietnam. This article will provide you basic knowledge, current situation and development direction of Vietnamese enterprises on powder coating technology in the coming time.

Powder Coating Technology (Part 2)

This is part 2 in a series of articles about the powder coating industry in Vietnam. Please click here for part 1: Powder Coating Technology (Part 1)

In the previous part, we learned about the first 2 stages in powder coating process which are surface cleaning and drying. In this part, we will continue to introduce the remaining stages along with the development potential of the powder coating industry in Vietnam


The material will have to go through a primer process as a rule. After being primed, it will go through the drying chamber so that this primer adheres to the surface of the material better. However, most enterprises even cut down this stage in order to save materials and production costs; or this stage is not required by consumer.

Powder application

The powder is applied by an automatic spray gun to ensure the uniformity and quality of the finish. Depending on the line, the enterprise can use a single spray gun or a double spray gun. The finish’s quality, color depend on how to mix the right ratio. Before applying the powder, the metal surface must be ensure being clean, free of dirt; hangers and conveyor system must be checked.  Products are hung with a minimum distance of 100 ÷ 200mm apart. For manual powder coating technology, the correct sequence has to be complied: applying powder on the corners → planes → bottom → top. The spraying direction has to ensure not affecting the opposite person.

(Powder application)

Curing and finishing product

The product after powder coating is returned to the curing oven. This stage helps the powder to adhere to the surface firmly, evenly and beautifully.


Product Inspection 

Products need to be visually checked to evaluate the quality of color, adhesion, and coverage. For higher requirements, specialized equipment can be used to measure powder thickness, adhesion, etc.

(Product after powder coating)

Development potential of powder coating industry 

From the above comments, it can be seen that the potential of the powder coating industry in Vietnam is very huge. In the face of increasingly fierce competitive pressure, Vietnamese enterprises must definitely invest and perfect their powder coating system as well as auxiliary equipment. Only then can their products meet high standards to enter the Japanese, American, and European markets. 

Currently, the number of enterprises, in the northern provinces, equipped with synchronous and automatic powder coating lines to support internal production activities is increasing. Enterprises such as Viet Phap Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Seiki Vietnam Mechanics Co., Ltd., Hawee Production and Trading Joint Stock Company etc. have invested quite complete powder coating systems mainly for coating electrical cabinets, trough ladders, sheet metal structures. Products of these enterprises have been highly appreciated by foreign customers and partners.

List of some enterprises using powder coating systems in the northern area (Vietnamese Enterprises)

Written by Nguyen Hoang Hang (NC Network Vietnam)


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