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DISOCO: Bringing Japanese quality asymptotical casting products at Vietnamese prices

Song Cong Diesel One Member Co., Ltd. (DISOCO) is a long-standing multi-disciplinary mechanical enterprise in Vietnam. DISOCO can perform all stages from design, mold manufacturing, billing (casting, forging), precision processing, heat treatment, surface treatment to complete assembly right at the company with thousands of different types of components.

DISOCO: Bringing Japanese quality asymptotical casting products at Vietnamese prices

In particular, it can be said that DISOCO is top dog in the foundry industry of Vietnam, the main product of DISOCO is cast iron components for high quality industry. Currently, DISOCO is a tier 1 supplier of many Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Toshiba, Sumitomo, Juki, Mikasa, etc. An elite staff with nearly 200 engineers, a strict and comprehensive quality management system built according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, a closed production line with synchronous equipment are typical "pillars'' that make the difference of DISOCO and create trust in Japanese customers.

In order to strengthen production capacity, improve productivity and quality, in early 2020, DISOCO has completely invested in 2 modern Japanese technology casting lines, including "Automatic fresh sand mold molding - filling line" - belonging to the FCMX line transferred technology from SINTO - JAPAN company, and "Fire mold molding line" - belonging to TAIYO MACHINERY and using foam molds provided from TANIGUCHI PLASTIC company. As a result, DISOCO's production capacity is significantly improved, with the total design capacity of the factory up to more than 20,000 tons/year. However, because of its lines of various sizes, it is still adaptable enough to meet customers' small- to large-scale production needs, and it can still invest in expanding the line when necessary.

The focus on investment in this equipment along with continuous improvement activities has contributed to DISOCO's stable quality, when the products cast on the new line have a good bonded surface, high accuracy, some types of components can reach the required accuracy without the need for CNC machining. Production time, error rate are significantly improved. From there, DISOCO can meet Japan's strict quality requirements. Not only focusing on 3 core factors: Quality - Price - Progress, DISOCO also strives to satisfy customers through listening to the current situation and wishes of customers, from which there is appropriate advice and suggestions. 100% of products after delivery are closely followed, in order towards the spirit of WIN - WIN, with customers to develop sustainably.

In the last 3 years, under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the instability of economic - political factors globally, DISOCO can still operate stably, thanks to the diverse production structure, which has good resistance to market fluctuations. But not satisfied with what has been achieved, DISOCO continuously researches and applies automation technologies, 4.0 technology, etc. to strengthen its position and aim to exploit new markets and customers. The trust of many global customers is a testament to DISOCO's ability, and an impetus for the company to conquer new heights, where DISOCO continues to be a pioneer in casting processing in Vietnam.

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