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TSUKUBA Vietnam: 30-year journey of providing pressure die casting products in Vietnam

TSUKUBA DIECASTING Co.,Ltd. (headquarters in Tokyo, Japan) was founded in 1951 and mainly produces pressure die casting products made from non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and magnesium. The company began entering the Vietnamese market very early, in 1997.

TSUKUBA Vietnam: 30-year journey of providing pressure die casting products in Vietnam

That was also the time when Vietnam was implementing innovation policy and industries began to develop rapidly. After 30 years of entering the Vietnamese market, Tsukuba Diecasting Vietnam Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TDV) has developed three pressure casting factories. The company also aims for further growth in the context of the strong electric vehicle (EV) trend in Vietnam.

3 aluminum and magnesium casting factories

Tsukuba Company began planning to invest in Vietnam in 1995. In December of the same year, the company was licensed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam. In April 1997, the company began operating the first factory which located in Sai Dong B Industrial Park, Hanoi. This was one of the country's first FDI projects investing in industrial parks located in the North. Therefore, the company also received significant expectations from the Vietnamese government.

The number of orders in fields such as industrial equipment and household appliance components increased, mainly coming from Japanese partners. The aluminum pressure casting line at the first facility operated at full capacity continuously. When the activities of this facility began to take shape, in December 2009, the firm continued to develop a second factory in Hung Yen province, becoming Vietnam's first magnesium pressure casting company.

Magnesium pressure casting has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, light weight, beautiful surface, can mold complex shapes and absorb electromagnetic waves. However, it also has the disadvantage of being flammable and has a high risk of causing fire and explosion. Therefore, in Vietnam there are almost no pressure foundries that use magnesium materials. The establishment of the second Tsukuba foundry is considered a source of important magnesium pressure casting products that the Vietnamese foundry industry has long desired.

Following that, the third factory in Pho Noi (Hung Yen) was officially completed phase 1 in May 2020. Located in Pho Noi A Industrial Park, this is the largest-scale factory among the 3 factories. Tsukuba's factory in Vietnam, with a land area of up to 43,000m2 and a total floor area of 7,300m2. The factory officially went into operation in January 2021 and produces both aluminum casting and magnesium casting products.

Worker performing mold maintenance

Closed production process from design, casting, machining to taking swarf and painting

Tsukuba Vietnam's strongest strength is its capacity to fully respond to requests, including all stages from sourcing raw materials, designing, casting, machining to deburring and painting. Depending on the customer's requirements, the company can also undertake certain machining processes such as partial production or manufacturing multiple items in small quantities. Tsukuba Vietnam has gained the trust of numerous customers because of its capacity to respond flexibly regardless of amount, purpose, or delivery method.

The automobile industry has recently gained considerable attention. Along with the rapid development of electric vehicles, new spare parts manufacturing plans are being implemented one after the other. One of the topics that has gotten a lot of interest is heat dissipation, specifically how to deal with the heat created by car batteries. Aluminum pressure casting products are gaining a lot attention in this issue. Tsukuba Vietnam has been continuously receiving inquiries from manufacturers regarding the feasibility of using these high-performance aluminum pressure die-cast products as casings for batteries and motors.

Initially, the company's concentration in Vietnam was on motorbikes, industrial equipment and household electrical appliance components. Orders for automotive-related products have climbed to almost 30% of total sales in recent years, coinciding with the new market trend toward EVs. As a result, following the factory at the company's headquarters in Japan, factories in Hanoi and Hung Yen have also acquired international standard certification "IATF16949" in 2022. This certification sets international quality management system requirements in the automobile sector. The company will keep increasing orders in this industry in the future.

Taking swarf for pressure die casting products

Future plan

Mr. Shuhei Shigeki, the General Director in charge of the company's operations in Vietnam, was appointed in February 2016. He is currently in his 8th year in this position. During his time as General Director in Vietnam, he has accompanied and directed many important milestones of Tsukuba Vietnam Mold Co., Ltd., such as the 20th anniversary of its establishment or the inauguration of the third factory. Also during this time, Tsukuba Vietnam has expanded its operations from focusing on the field of industrial equipment - household electrical appliances components to the EV field.

Mr. Shigeki recalled: “Entering the auto parts market was the most important task we had to complete (at that time). On the other hand, we also feel something urging us to quickly step out of the traditional market." At this moment, what creates the strength to move Tsukuba Vietnam steadily forward is the wish of General Director Shigeki, as well as all employees, to spread the good values of the aluminum and magnesium pressure die casting method that the company has been making for many years to the vast market.

The factory is equipped with many modern machines

“The billets used for aluminum-magnesium pressure die casting can be easily recycled for use without having to throw away leftovers after product manufacturing. That is the good point of the pressure casting method. Pressure die casting products that are environmentally friendly and conform to the concept of SDGs are currently popular. Besides, aluminum is also lighter than steel, magnesium is more heat resistant than plastic and durable, and can be molded into thin products. We want to further promote the advantages of aluminum-magnesium pressure casting to exploit new markets." – Mr. Shigeki shared about the company's future vision.

He also introduced four pillar responsibilities in corporate governance, which are Responsibility to customers - Responsibility to all employees and their families - Responsibility to the community including Vietnamese society and other suppliers – Responsibility to shareholders. To fulfill these responsibilities, Mr. Shigeki as well as all Tsukuba employees constantly put themselves before new challenges.


【Ha Noi Factory】No.A 6, Cong Nghiep 4 Rd., Sai Dong B Industrial Zone, Long Bien TEL:+84-24-3875-9759 FAX:+84-24-3875-9889 

【Hung Yen Factory】Tan Quang Commune, Van Lam District, Hung Yen TEL:+84-22-1379-1720 FAX:+84-22-1379-1722 

【Pho Noi Factory】E3 Road, Pho Noi Industrial Zone, Van Lam, Hung Yen 



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