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Comprehensive and optimal automation solution for factories

In the context of the current economic recession, Vietnam is still considered an attractive destination for foreign investors, both in terms of building or expanding factories here, with the expectation that Vietnam will become an important production base in the global supply chain. As a result, more and more local auto equipment suppliers appeared, able to compete with foreign enterprises. However, these units mainly provide only one individual part of the factory system, such as roller-conveyor lines, automatic machines, delivery robots, or software, etc.

Comprehensive and optimal automation solution for factories

To maximize production efficiency and infrastructure investment costs, customers really need a unit capable of solving the overall problem, from researching and designing product flow to supplying and installing production equipment, transportation, storage, etc. ETEK Automation Solution Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as ETEK Automation) is currently the only company with 100% Vietnamese capital that can meet these requirements. In this article, we interviewed Mr. Nguyen Trong Thuong, General Director of ETEK Automation, about the solutions the company is providing, its strengths, and its future plans.

Comprehensive reciprocal capacity for "turnkey" projects

ETEK Automation Solutions Joint Stock Company was established in 2006 and is a member of the Tan Phat ETEK Group. So far, the company has built a team of nearly 250 employees, including more than 150 highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in automation. ETEK is currently providing effective and comprehensive solutions for many customers, from manufacturing plants to universities, colleges, and vocational schools, in which the general factory solution is in the form of "turnkey" (Turnkey Project), which has received high appreciation from many big customers in the fields of automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, etc. ETEK Automation has successfully handed over typical projects, such as an engine assembly line for electric vehicles, a battery pack assembly line with a capacity of 100,000 products per year, projects of an aluminum casting factory, a plastic molding factory, and an aluminum extrusion factory, a smart materials warehouse system, robotic systems for packaging and transportation in consumer goods factories, and smart factory solutions. Customers only need to share information about the product they want to produce, from which ETEK will research, design the production process, and advise on the amount and type of equipment needed to achieve the goal of overall OEE performance, integrated solutions for automation equipment and software, smart factories, smart warehouses, etc. designed and manufactured by ETEK. Except for the "Product Design" stage done by the customer, ETEK can confidently take care of the rest of the setup stages in the factory. 

In addition, depending on the needs of customers, ETEK can provide individual applications including automated assembly, automated packaging, fabrication, intralogistics, smart factories, and robotic applications.

Not only operating in the field of industrial production, ETEK also provides diverse solutions for the fields of training and residential. In the field of training and vocational training, the company provides automation training equipment and intelligent educational solutions for industries such as mechatronics, industrial electrical, pneumatics - hydraulics, and has become a trusted partner of many training institutions, vocational schools, and universities across the country. For businesses in need, ETEK implements training at the customer's factory site, helping workers catch up faster with collaborating with automation systems, robots, etc.

In the residential sector, ETEK is always looking for different ways to apply advanced technology to improve people's quality of life. The company has developed and provided automatic products such as automatic parking, lifting equipment systems, vending machines, etc. to meet the needs of people.

Success factors

What makes ETEK's success in many different fields summarized by the General Director, Mr. Thuong, in 5 factors:

  • Engineering is the mainstay of development. Therefore, ETEK always focuses on investing heavily in research and development of new technologies, training high-quality human resources through internal personnel training activities, and nurturing potential employees (coordination with universities and related vocational training schools to organize internship courses for students, bring STEM, robotic training models, etc. into training institutions). The working environment, with many high welfare policies, has helped ETEK attract many good and experienced personnel.
  • Diversity in field of activity and extensive experience are accumulated over many years of operation with large projects of not only ETEK Automation but also of Tan Phat ETEK Group. The close association of member companies in the group has created the overall strength, able to variously and flexibly reciprocate many different product categories and project sizes.
  • Technology management and project management capacity. ETEK's main customers are foreign companies, including many large FDI enterprises from Japan, Korea, Europe, etc. in Vietnam, so ETEK's personnel are continuously trained in technical skills, thinking, interaction skills, and working with many parties, from customers to suppliers.
  • Close and strong relationships with reputable domestic and foreign suppliers, helping ETEK to immediately deploy orders or immediately handle problems arising in the project. In addition, ETEK regularly seeks and adds new suppliers to enrich the company's reciprocal resources.

  • Finance is an important factor in ensuring stable development. The company has effective and disciplined financial strategies to ensure proper capital and funding for the company's projects and activities. Since then, ETEK has received the trust of partners and credit institutions, helping capital flow smoothly and efficiently.

The convergence of all these factors has created the unique strength of ETEK, helping the company affirm its position as a leading company in the field of providing general solutions for industrial plants.

Future plans

The unsatisfactory domestic and international economic situation has also had some impact on the activities of Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises in general and ETEK in particular. However, in the context of a flood of challenges, ETEK appreciates and considers this an opportunity to accumulate more strength and create momentum for rapid and sustainable progress in the coming time.

ETEK intends to focus on internal training and upgrading, perfecting the system towards digitization and standardization, thereby improving the quality and enhancing the company's operational productivity. At the same time, the company will continue to search for suitable personnel and expand its network of partners in order to create a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the business.

In addition, ETEK has set big goals for the future. The company intends to expand into new business segments, focusing on the production of Vietnamese-branded products integrated into the global value chain. The purpose of the company is to create a stable revenue stream to support the development of other business segments. With the experience of implementing "turnkey" projects, ETEK will hone its product design capabilities to gradually realize this goal.

In the context of automation becoming an important industry in the country's industrial development, ETEK is showing more and more clearly its role as an enterprise that guides and leads the development of the industry. The application of automation technology to business processes not only brings maximum efficiency and productivity but is also a decisive factor in the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises. With its sustainable vision and solid foundation, ETEK is believed that it will grow stronger and contribute to the development of its customers and the country's economy.

No. 189 Phan Trong Tue Street, Thanh Liet Commune, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
HCM Office: No. 20 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +8494-552-5520 (Mr. Thuong)
Emidas / Translator: Hoàng Trúc

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