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Thang Long University: Nurturing excellence through dynamic industry - academia collaboration

Even in the present era of automation and digital transformation, having the proper employees is crucial to what makes a firm stand out. Nonetheless, in Vietnam, there is occasionally still a lack of connection between the employer and the training unit, which causes a mismatch between the real demands of the business and the post-graduation knowledge and abilities of the workforce.

Thang Long University: Nurturing excellence through dynamic industry - academia collaboration

Up to now, Thang Long University has been training 28 majors, in a variety of fields: Information Technology, Economics, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities, Multimedia, Tourism, Health Sciences, Applied Music.

With the vision of multidisciplinary, multi-vocational training, and application orientation, Thang Long University is constantly improving the quality of training and diversifying majors, meeting the needs of society and the increasingly complex world.

Enthusiastic and inspiring teaching staff

Thang Long University focuses on building a team of high-quality lecturers: ensuring that teachers always update their knowledge according to advanced educational trends in the world, as well as grasp what employers need to provide good human resources for society.

Students are always created in favorable conditions to exchange and ask questions directly with lecturers/officers in the process of studying and practicing at the school.

Diverse fields and training majors

Thang Long University is a multi-industry training university. Currently, Thang Long University has a total of 5 faculties with 28 undergraduate training majors, diverse in the fields of information technology, economics, foreign languages, tourism, communication, society and humanities, nursing, and music. Students have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different courses to suit their interests and career goals.

Advanced facilities system, practical internship space available on campus

With the aim of giving students the best learning environment, Thang Long University is designed and built to meet modern educational trends: The works at the university are designed to maximize comfort and creativity. The classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and computer labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support the learning and research of students and lecturers. Technology is introduced into the system of classrooms, practice rooms, classrooms, and simulation rooms built like a working environment at the enterprise for students to practice in practice, meeting today's modern educational trends: Nursing Practice Classroom System, Core Banking Simulation Financial and Banking Practice Center, Hotel Restaurant Internship System, Graphic Design Practice System, Applied Music Practice System, etc.

Modern and fully-equipped facilities, setting the stage for excellence

Training programs and international cooperation activities with Japanese businesses

Thang Long University has been conducting many international training and cooperation activities towards Japanese businesses, in order to meet the growing needs of Japanese businesses and provide attractive opportunities for students who want to develop their careers in the Japanese business environment.

Thang Long University has established a cooperative relationship with 30 Japanese enterprises and organized annual internship programs with the participation of 100~200 students/year. Through these programs, students will have access to a real work environment, apply the knowledge they have learned in practice and develop the skills necessary for future work. Japanese enterprises also have the opportunity to access young human resources that fit business demands, are eager to learn, and possess professional expertise.

Interactive session between students of the university and the Overseas Manpower Development Organization (OMDO), fostering cultural exchange and collaboration

In addition, the school also participates in student exchange programs with 6 partner schools in Japan. Students have the opportunity to experience studying and working in Japan, learning about the culture, language and working style of this country. This helps students improve communication skills, adapt to multicultural environments and expand their international relations network. These exchange programs attract 20~50 students/year.

Exchange programs with Hokkaido Gakuen University and Toyo University

Thang Long University also organizes and participates in events and seminars related to Japanese businesses. This is an opportunity for students to meet and exchange experiences with Japanese experts and managers. In addition to educating students about the Japanese labor market and career options, these events and seminars offer avenues for collaboration and networking with Japanese companies.

Thang Long University is committed to continuing to develop and expand activities towards Japanese businesses, in order to meet the needs of students and businesses, provide career development opportunities and create value for both parties.


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