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FPT conquers the first million-dollar project in AI

The Quy Nhon Center for Research and Application of Artificial Intelligence (QAI - FPT Software) recently held a celebration for the successful signing of a million-dollar fixed-price contract with a client in the United States. This marks FPT's first million-dollar contract in the field of artificial intelligence.

FPT conquers the first million-dollar project in AI

After much effort, FPT has officially collaborated on a fixed-price (all-in) contract worth $1.2 million with a leading provider of residential construction products and materials in the United States.

FPT has been working with the client since May 2023. In the initial phase, the QAI project team recognized that building trust with the client was extremely important, and delivering high-quality products was a top priority. They made efforts to ensure the project's goals in terms of deadlines and quality were met, while actively seeking to understand the client's needs in order to provide consulting and propose solutions. The team designed the product with a focus on expandability, incorporating appropriate additional features. This approach allowed the client to see the optimal utilization of resources when implementing the product, as well as the ability to operate, maintain, expand, and integrate it into their actual operations in the future.

Mr. Vu Hong Chien, Director of QAI, stated: "It is extremely challenging to obtain AI projects". According to him, despite the strong development of artificial intelligence and data science, there are still relatively few companies willing to invest heavily in developing AI solutions and applying them practically in production.

"Typically, customers will conduct small-scale projects with low costs to evaluate the effectiveness of AI solutions for their current models," said Mr. Chien. "Therefore, it requires the QAI project teams not only to meet the set objectives with the customers but also to actively explore and advise on expanding specific problem areas. This helps build trust and enables customers to envision collaborative tasks and the value that our organization can bring," he added.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Quy Nhon Center for research and application of Artificial Intelligence (QAI - FPT Software) has carried the dreams of AI projects ranging from $100,000 to $300,000, and it reached a milestone when it received a $500,000 project. Most recently, it celebrated the success of a $1.2 million project.

As the first and largest million-dollar AI contract to date, Mr. Dang Tran Phuong, Deputy CEO of FPT Software and Director of FPT Americas, made the decision to commend the project team for successfully delivering Phase 1, successfully proposing Phase 2, and promoting collaboration with the client. This achievement opens up future opportunities for large-scale projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science for FPT Software in particular, and FPT in general.

Chungta, internal website of FPT Group/Translator: Thanh Tâm

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