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Selex Motors Partners with Samsung SDI to Provide Electric Vehicle Batteries

‏Selex Motors and Samsung SDI cooperated to develop electric motorbike batteries for other partners in the market.

Selex Motors Partners with Samsung SDI to Provide Electric Vehicle Batteries

Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, CEO of Selex Motors, and Mr. Lee Joon Seo, Business Director of Samsung SDI in Southeast Asia. (Photo: Selex).

On February 23, Selex Motors and Samsung SDI signed a strategic cooperation memorandum for the production of electric motorcycle batteries.‏

‏According to the agreement, Samsung SDI becomes a strategic battery cell provider for Selex Motors to manufacture electric motorcycle batteries for the Selex smart electric motorcycle ecosystem. ‏

‏At the same time, Selex Motors will develop and supply battery packs using Samsung SDI battery cells to other partners in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets. ‏

Both parties aim to build the battery swapping network that Selex is developing into an important shared energy infrastructure in Vietnam and the region.‏

‏According to Samsung SDI, to cooperate with Selex Motors, the Korean corporation spent more than a year evaluating the product design quality, technological capabilities, production lines, and development potential of this Vietnamese electric motorcycle brand. ‏

‏Established in 2018, the startup Selex Motors is a partner of many large technology companies such as Grab, Lazada, Gojek, ShopeeFood...‏

‏Selex Motors' goal is to develop smart electric vehicles and renewable energy. ‏

‏Currently, Selex Motors said it has mastered all important technologies of electric vehicles, including battery technology, with a total of 10 patents, and manufactures products in Vietnam with over 80% of components manufactured domestically.‏

‏Selex Motors is building a shared battery swapping network in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Selex Motors' solution allows users to "swap batteries like refueling", fully charging for 150km in just 2 minutes. ‏

‏With proprietary technology, Selex Motors' batteries can be used with more than 70% of the electric motorcycles currently on the market. ‏

Network of swapping battery stations and energy sharing in Vietnam. (Photo: Selex).

‏At the event, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, CEO of Selex Motors, said: "Cooperating with Samsung SDI to develop and supply electric motorcycle batteries in Vietnam and the region is a milestone for Selex Motors. This demonstrates the confidence of an international partner in Selex Motors and the Vietnamese electric vehicle market.” ‏

‏Mr. Lee Joon-Seo, Business Director of Samsung SDI in Southeast Asia, shared: "Selex's manufacturing line, design, and product quality all meet the requirements we set when looking for partners. We are impressed with Selex Motors' shared battery swapping solution and look forward to jointly promoting the development of this solution in Vietnam and Southeast Asia."

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