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Saigon - Da Nang High-Quality Train Officially Begins Operation

SE22/21 train operates on the Saigon - Danang route and vice versa. It is designed with modern features and amenities to enhance the quality of customer service. It has been in operation since April 27th.

Saigon - Da Nang High-Quality Train Officially Begins Operation

This is the first high-quality train to be put into operation on this route, contributing to meeting the increasing demand of passengers.

Mr. Hoang Gia Khanh, General Director of Vietnam Railways, stated that the SE21/22 train has been upgraded and refurbished from the best existing coaches. On the exterior, the train has been newly painted in predominantly white, gray, and green colors.

Inside, the coaches are designed to be more spacious compared to traditional trains. The interior has also been completely renovated with amenities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioner, etc.

In the seating area, there is a specific coach on the train that is designed with 180-degree swivel seats, allowing passengers to adjust the seating direction according to their needs.

A dining car is arranged in the middle of the train to serve meals, which helps passengers at both ends of the train reduce travel time. Additionally, there is also a coach on the train designed with two beds to accommodate passengers who prefer private space.

According to Mr. Khanh, the SE21/22 train is the first train in the railway industry to have upgraded and expanded restroom facilities to 1.4 meters, instead of the usual one meter.

Washing and sanitation area

The operation of the SE21/22 train is part of the railway's direction to enhance the quality of customer service. In addition to meeting the transportation needs, it will contribute to the development of tourism and the economy in the localities it serves.

VNExpress/Translator: Thanh Tam

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