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Everland Group and Samsung Vina sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

On April 22, 2024, in Hanoi, Everland Group and Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd. (a member of Samsung Group) held a signing ceremony of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to exploit the potential and strengths of each party to support each other, and resonate with development.

Everland Group and Samsung Vina sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

The signed Agreement between Samsung Vina and Everland Group outlines that Samsung Vina will introduce and provide technology solutions, products, and services for various domains, including Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Building Internet of Things (BIoT), and air conditioning products. Samsung Vina will also supply and install electronics, televisions, and specialized screens for real estate projects based on the requirements of Everland Group and its member companies.

On the other hand, Everland Group will introduce and provide products such as hotel services, tourist accommodation, housing for foreigners, and housing for workers in industrial parks, etc. as per the needs of Samsung Vina and other units of Samsung Group. Both parties have committed to providing each other with great incentives in terms of price, customer care policy, and warranty when one party uses the other party's products and services.

Comprehensive cooperation for development

Everland is a professional real estate investment enterprise, as well as a leading provider of tourism products and services in Vietnam. Samsung Vina (a member of Samsung Group) is an electronic manufacturer and supplier of prestigious technology solutions globally. Although the field of operation is different, the two businesses share the same vision and strategy for sustainable development, products and services can be mutual and complementary, so the room for comprehensive cooperation between the two sides is very large.

Both parties intend to collaborate on the supply of current products and services, as well as conduct research to develop new products and services that meet their respective standards and requirements. Furthermore, they have agreed to work together in the field of communication, and brand promotion, and leverage their customer databases. The specific programs and plans for cooperation will be determined by both businesses at each stage of implementation.

The comprehensive cooperation between Everland and Samsung Vina is the premise of promoting the full potential and strengths of each party to resonate with the brand, contributing to creating standard values in the fields of business activities of the two sides. Therefore, the event of signing this strategic cooperation agreement is highly expected by both parties.


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