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CEO Bui Thi Hong Hanh: All my youth was spent in the challenging manufacturing industry

Women working and leading businesses in the manufacturing industry - once considered suitable for men - may no longer be rare in recent years. On International Women’s Day on March 8, we would like to introduce an article by Ms. Bui Thi Hong Hanh - CEO of NC Network Vietnam, about her 15-year-long journey of accompanying and connecting Vietnam-Japan businesses in the manufacturing industry.

CEO Bui Thi Hong Hanh: All my youth was spent in the challenging manufacturing industry

From a trainee in Japan to CEO of NC Network Vietnam

Returning home after studying in Japan from 2003 to 2006, I joined NC Network Japan to survey Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises. In 2010, NC Network Vietnam was established, and in 2017, I was trustedly assigned to steer the NC Network Vietnam. We have to find suitable Vietnamese businesses to connect with Japanese partners. It sounds simple, but those who work in the industry understand that our country’s industrial production base still has a large gap with developed countries. In the first stage, the poor information system caused the implementation difficulty as a needle in a haystack. “Just go and will come,” we have collected information from more than 4,000 enterprises in Vietnam. I have visited more than 1,500 ones. In the early years, we connected a few businesses to Japanese partners. Currently, that number has reached hundreds, forming a Vietnam Pavillion area of significant scale at exhibitions in Japan. Until now, Vietnam's manufacturing industry has only operated as OEM. We always strive to bring Vietnam's detailed assemblies and finished products to the world market. Therefore, to create more business opportunities, we continuously increase online/offline business connections, such as organizing the FBC ASEAN Trade Exhibition in Vietnam and Thailand simultaneously... Accompanying the manufacturing industry, witnessing the businesses' passion and enthusiasm, and Vietnamese businesses' maturity reinforced my confidence in the manufacturing industry's significant contributions to the national economy's strong development.

CEO Bui Thi Hong Hanh

Understand yourself and others, and create TRUST-based connections

With solid support from our parent company in Japan, we clearly understand our customers’ needs when finding partners in Vietnam. As we are Vietnamese, it is easier for us to assess and evaluate the suitability, helping to reduce the time and cost of research for both parties. For businesses to trust and be willing to share, we always put TRUST first. Our mission is “for a challenging manufacturing industry.” we know our role as a connecting bridge, so we always operate with the motto “Connecting trade across space and time, optimizing costs.” Although a small-scale enterprise, with each successful connection, we have created more jobs for many workers on both ends of the country.

Gender and qualifications do not exist in the manufacturing industry

In Vietnam, like in Japan and Korea in the past, the manufacturing industry was always considered a 3D sector (Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult), so it was usually more suitable for men and manual workers. However, I realize open opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, degree, or age. The business leaders I have met have different starting points and educational backgrounds. Because production is a process of accumulating experience through practice, qualifications are not so necessary. Still, work attitude, professional ethics, passion, and eagerness to learn - these factors have created the businesses' success in NC Network's network.

I have always respected women in the manufacturing industry. Facing lots of difficulties and challenges, but they do not lose their gentleness and femininity. Like them, I am today thanks to my family and friends' encouragement and excellent support, etc. Thanks to the businesses for trusting us over the past 15 years. We are committed to continuing to be a reliable par that will help the Vietnamese manufacturing industry overcome new challenges.


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