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Vietnam to have more electric vehicle charging station services nationwide

EVS - a pioneering start-up in the field of electric vehicles will provide electric car charging station services in the Vietnamese market after being selected by Siemens as a partner.

Vietnam to have more electric vehicle charging station services nationwide

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Siemens and EVS

On April 12, Siemens and EVS Charging Equipment & Solutions Company Limited (EVS) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Vietnam. Accordingly, EVS will be Siemens' partner in the field of electric cars, responsible for importing and providing Siemens electric car charging infrastructure products, applications and services according to the global product development demand.

According to Arjun Raju, Head of E-Mobility at Siemens Asia Pacific, Vietnam has an impressively fast-growing economy. However, the challenges of climate change and air pollution are still present, especially in large cities such as  Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to this expert, the transition from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles will be a key step to solve the above problems.

Talking to the press, the EVS representative said that the electric car market in Vietnam has great potential in the future, and the company is ready to seize opportunities to serve customers with solutions and electric car charger. The cooperation with Siemens will help EVS accelerate the development of charging equipment infrastructure in Vietnam market.

Following the above agreement, Siemens will bring to Vietnam market many smart and flexible options, from the Versicharge AC Smart Wallbox small charger 7.4kW-22kW; to the line of high voltage DC SiCharge D fast chargers 160 kW - 300 kW allowing to charge up to 4 electric vehicles at the same time. These solutions can be deployed in a variety of uses, from residential areas to offices, industrial parks, commercial centers, gas stations and rest stops.

Việt Nam sẽ có thêm hệ thống dịch vụ trạm sạc ô tô điện trên toàn quốc

It is known that the Siemens DC SiCharge D fast charger has also been selected as the standard charging device at one of the first public charging stations in the network of EV ONE charging stations (currently using equipment from ABB). ), is expected to be put into operation this year.

Before the new development, experts assessed that Siemens and its partners' interest in Vietnam's charging infrastructure is a good sign, in the context that domestic electric car users are still quite limited in terms of charging solutions. At this time, the most popular is VinFast's charging system, with about 150,000 charging ports but only supporting this car line.

Meanwhile, most luxury car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche...have chosen to sell small-capacity charging stations for car buyers to install at home. Therefore, the emergence of charging solution providers not only brings more choices for domestic electric car users, but can also be an important "signal" that positively impacts on the development process of electric cars in Vietnam in the near future.

Congthuong / Translator: Ngoc Mai

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