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JTA Group explores investment opportunities in Quang Ninh

On September 14, Mr. Amir Salemizadeh, General Director of JTA Group (Qatar), and his partners visited, surveyed, and explored the investment environment and cooperation opportunities in Quang Ninh.

JTA Group explores investment opportunities in Quang Ninh

Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Cao Tuong Huy, presented a commemorative gift to Mr. Amir Salemizadeh, General Director of JTA Group, Qatar.

Welcoming Mr. Amir Salemizadeh and the delegation of JTA Group, Qatar, Mr. Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, introduced an overview of achievements, potential, advantages, and priority policies and industries to attract investment in Quang Ninh province.

Mr. Cao Tuong Huy said that Quang Ninh is one of the leading localities in terms of development speed in Viet Nam; it is a province with an attractive business and investment environment, modern administration, and sustainable local governance to effectively serve people and businesses; and it is a destination for international investors.

Quang Ninh possesses many unique potentials and advantages, such as Ha Long Bay, a world heritage and natural wonder; the largest coal mineral resource in Vietnam; the only province with both land and sea borders with China, market of more than 1.4 billion people. Quang Ninh currently has 5 economic zones and 11 export processing zones, where hundreds of investors from 20 countries around the world are operating in production and business, with a total investment capital of over 11 billion USD. Quang Ninh is also a locality with many potentials for diverse development and investments.

Quang Ninh currently has great advantages from a synchronous transport infrastructure system, from highways, seaports to airports with convenient regional and international connections. In particular, Quang Ninh province has many priority policies to support and accompany investors, and will certainly be reliable partners of businesses; support and create the most favorable conditions for JTA Group to research, explore opportunities, and decide on long-term and highly effective investment and operations in the province.

Quang Ninh hopes to receive attention from Qatari investors to research investment areas that the province is prioritizing to attract, such as processing and manufacturing industries, industry using high technology, high-tech agriculture, trade, services, logistics, tourism, etc.

Mr. Amir Salemizadeh, co-founder and General Director of JTA Group, Qatar, expressed his impression of Quang Ninh's development potential. Through this visit and survey, he hopes to soon deploy project investment in Quang Ninh in the fields of tourism, industry using high technology, renewable energy, etc.

JTA International Holding was formed in 2010 with the objective of providing unique and innovative financial and investment solutions to businesses and iconic projects around the globe. Over time JTA has evolved to an active investment solutions provider with strong partnerships and associations with like-minded companies and individuals.

Since the beginning of the year until now, Quang Ninh has welcomed and worked with more than 80 foreign delegations, of which 60 delegations came to research and explore investment opportunities, twice as many as the same period; organized 2 conferences, attended over 10 investment promotion conferences, and large-scale business meetings with the participation of hundreds of businesses, investors, and international organizations.

Up to now, many large corporations and foreign investors have been operating effectively in industrial parks in Quang Ninh such as Hateco Group, Amata Group, Autoliv Asia ROH Co., Ltd. (Sweden), etc.

CafeF / Translator: Hoàng Trúc

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