Manufacturing News 30/04/2024, 02:35

NVIDIA and FPT collaborate to build $200 million AI Factory

On April 23, 2024, NVIDIA, an American semiconductor manufacturer, and FPT, Vietnam's largest IT services company, officially signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.

NVIDIA and FPT collaborate to build $200 million AI Factory

Under the agreement, FPT plans to invest $200 million to establish the AI Factory, providing a cloud computing platform for AI research and development with sovereignty in Vietnam. The factory will feature supercomputing systems operating on NVIDIA's latest technology, including the NVIDIA AI Enterprise development framework and H100 Tensor Core GPU graphics chips.

The AI Factory will offer GPU cloud services, enabling FPT's global enterprise customers to access the most essential computing resources to enhance research capabilities and accelerate AI application deployment, particularly in Generative AI, achieving breakthroughs in productivity and customer experience.

Moreover, this factory will assist FPT in accelerating the construction and development of high-value AI platforms and applications for customers across various industries, especially in automotive technology, manufacturing, finance, banking, and insurance.

At the event, NVIDIA also announced FPT as a Service Delivery Partner in its network, specializing in providing software, hardware, cloud computing services, and integrated Generative AI solutions based on Nvidia technology. FPT will focus on automotive technology, manufacturing, finance, banking, and insurance sectors.

Both parties also plan to collaborate on the joint development of cloud gaming services in Vietnam and the expansion of AI research projects under the AI Labs model.


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