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FPT and Vingroup sign cooperation to promote green transformation

Vingroup and FPT Group signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on promoting green transformation in Vietnam on April 10.

FPT and Vingroup sign cooperation to promote green transformation

According to the cooperation agreement, Vingroup, FPT Group, and its member companies are expected to jointly develop potential new projects, bringing great benefits and value in the direction of green and sustainability.

Vingroup will specifically support FPT's technological goods and services and give them consideration based on its own needs and the needs of its member firms. In addition, the organization assists partners in extending customer files to staff members of affiliated businesses. VinFast, a Vingroup member and manufacturer of smart electric cars, plans to give preference to using FPT's information technology infrastructure provisioning services, equipment, and automotive software technology services.

In return, FPT also supports Vingroup's green transformation strategy and program, especially VinFast. The Group will coordinate communication and promotion of VinFast electric vehicles and other green products of Vingroup to employees and FPT member companies; organize test drive programs for more and more people to understand the advantages of electric vehicles compared to gasoline vehicles, thereby making a practical contribution to the green transformation.

In 2023, Vingroup established a fund for the green future to implement environmental activities with resources extracted from the environmentally friendly product and service business activities of member companies. FPT Group has also implemented many practical and meaningful activities towards the goal of green transformation and set a goal of reducing 15.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

FPT is currently a consulting enterprise that provides the leading digital transformation and green transformation solutions for organizations and businesses. In the field of green transformation, the group has developed a comprehensive solution related to ESG such as an ESG implementation roadmap consulting service, VertZéro greenhouse gas inventory solution to help businesses automate, digitize the entire process of data collection, calculation, management, generate emission reports and monitor the progress of implementation of commitments, ensuring international standards.

As pioneering enterprises building prestigious national brands in the high technology industry globally, the comprehensive cooperation agreement between Vingroup and FPT not only helps to open opportunities for both sides but also affirms the sense of responsibility and strong commitment of the two corporations with the common goal of the country.


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