Manufacturing News 13/05/2024, 04:41

Business delegation of Japan’s Okayama City looking for investment opportunities in Long An

Recently, at Long An International Port, Mr. Nguyen Van Duoc, Secretary of the Long An Party Committee, welcomed and worked with Japan's Okayama City government delegation, along with 35 businesses and civil servants of the delegation, to promote cooperation and exchange between the two localities on April 27, 2024.

Business delegation of Japan’s Okayama City looking for investment opportunities in Long An

Mr. Omori Masao, Mayor of Okayama City, said in the spirit of a joint statement on cooperation between Long An Province and Okayama City during a labor promotion business trip in December 2023, this visit of the Okayama City delegation to Long An Province to exchange cooperation, promote trade development and the labor sector.

Accordingly, Long An Province has connected businesses, promoted investment and economic cooperation activities between the province's enterprises and Japanese enterprises; organized survey activities, connected businesses, attracted Japanese investors to pay attention, and invested in industrial parks of Long An Province.

During the event, the Long An Business Association and the Okayama City Industry and Trade Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand cooperation in several areas, including labor, industry, tourism, education, and culture. They will be sharing their experiences to improve the investment environment, support surveys, assist businesses in both regions to penetrate the market, and organize exhibitions. Additionally, they will collaborate in exchanging information to develop joint research investigation projects.

On the occasion of the business trip, the delegation also visited the ecology of Long An international port, such as the wharf, warehouse system, industrial park, service area, urban area, the tallest flagpole project in Indochina, to better understand the projects and potential for cooperation in this field.

The mayor of Okayama city and the business delegation highly appreciated Long An International Port for its strategic location and development vision, as well as the methodical investment in the world's most advanced modern equipment, along with impressive mining capacity.

Answering questions about the export/import market at Long An International Port as well as local legal support, a representative of Long An International Port said: “Long An Port is invested with 100% private capital, no state capital. Long An province considers this a development spearhead, so it is supported and paid great attention by the government and locality. The port has a strategic investment location in Long An province as well as the 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta. In the process of both construction and exploitation, Long An International Port has saved a lot of transportation and logistics costs for local and regional businesses. The quality of the port is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Transport, according to which many traffic routes to the port have been planned. Export and import market through ports from all countries in the world.”

The Chairman of the Okayama City Industry and Trade Association emphasized that the port's size not only satisfies freight demands but also fosters a conducive environment for businesses in the region as well as the entire Asia region. The development of Long An International Port is not only advantageous to the locality but also beneficial to the entire business and trade community.


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