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Lado Taxi Signs Agreement to Purchase and Rent 2,500 VinFast Electric Cars from GSM

Accordingly, in 2024, GSM will handover 500 cars in advance, bringing Lado's electric taxi fleet to nearly 1,000 VinFast cars.

Lado Taxi Signs Agreement to Purchase and Rent 2,500 VinFast Electric Cars from GSM

It is expected that 500 VF 5 electric cars purchased and rented from GSM will be added to Lado's fleet in Lam Dong, Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan, and Dong Nai. The remaining 2,000 cars will be gradually handed over to Lado by GSM in 2025 and 2026.

All delivered cars will be painted in Lado's signature blue color. Particularly in Lam Dong, Lado becomes the exclusive partner to operate GSM's electric taxi service, with the GSM logo attached to the car.

In localities where the service is currently operating, customers can call Lado Taxi via the switchboard at 1900 1111 or hail the taxi directly. In addition, customers can easily call Lado Taxi service as well as GSM's exclusive partners through the Xanh SM application.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Dong Thuy Co., Ltd., said: "After more than two years of using VinFast electric cars for taxi services, Lado's business efficiency has increased significantly thanks to a 32-37% reduction in operating costs."

We have received very positive feedback from domestic customers and international tourists because of the modern, smooth, and environmentally friendly electric cars. That is why we decided to invest more to expand our electric car fleet, aiming to replace 90% of the old gasoline cars by 2026."

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, General Director of GSM, shared: "GSM is glad to have accompanied and continue to receive support from Lado Taxi. The decision to expand the scale of Lado’s electric car fleet is evidence of the effectiveness of electric cars in the transportation field.

We hope that more and more businesses will share the vision of a sustainable future, joining hands to create a civilized transportation system for cities and a green future for everyone."

This agreement is the next step in Lado Taxi's long-term development strategy towards green transformation, aiming to completely replace the current gasoline car fleet with electric cars. Pioneering in using VinFast electric cars to operate services since 2022, Lado now owns nearly 400 cars, which not only helps improve service quality and increase economic efficiency but also contributes practically to environmental protection.

The decision to add another 2,500 VinFast electric cars for the next development phase of Lado Taxi is a strong affirmation of the electric vehicle's socio-economic efficiency and people's preference for this type of green, clean, smart vehicle.

Besides Lado, there are currently nearly 30 businesses buying and renting VinFast electric vehicles from GSM for transport service businesses. GSM not only contributes to promoting a sustainable green future through directly deploying services under the Green SM brand but also supports and inspires other businesses to improve quality and provide the best service experience to customers.

VietNam Finance / Translator: Hoàng Trúc

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