Thang Long University: Nurturing excellence through dynamic industry - academia collaboration Company Introduction - 6 months ago

Even in the present era of automation and digital transformation, having the proper employees is crucial to what makes a firm stand out. Nonetheless, in Vietnam, there is occasionally still a lack of connection between the employer and the training unit, which causes a mismatch between the real demands of the business and the post-graduation knowledge and abilities of the workforce.

Comprehensive and optimal automation solution for factories Company Introduction - 8 months ago

In the context of the current economic recession, Vietnam is still considered an attractive destination for foreign investors, both in terms of building or expanding factories here, with the expectation that Vietnam will become an important production base in the global supply chain. As a result, more and more local auto equipment suppliers appeared, able to compete with foreign enterprises. However, these units mainly provide only one individual part of the factory system, such as roller-conveyor lines, automatic machines, delivery robots, or software, etc.